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Man behind the lists

I’m Dr. Andrew Toth from Hungary, and I have been a business owner for more than 30 years. I have taught mainly B2B Business owners for 12 years. I have written three books about B2B marketing.

For B2B firm owners, the main problem is finding new high-quality customers. My B2B owner students asked for a quality company list. I made a B2B database with a startup data miner team. We sell the list from 2016, in simple Excel tables. In 2020, we expanded the list with the GDPR compatible email addresses of the companies. And in 2020 we started to make lists of companies for other EU countries.

Free B2B Learning Resources: Selected parts from my new book: B2B marketing
Cookbook for beginners

You can learn, how to use Company data lists in B2B (Business to Business) marketing.